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Awesome Meetings: Update meetings

Update meeting is a formal way to keep your team on the same page, share knowledge, or align with a desired vision. There are many nuances to it, so let's explore different possibilities.

What's the purpose of an update meeting? There are situations where a complex matter must be communicated. Contrary to a written memo, email, or a note that feels casual and informal, an update meeting will feel important and formal. It's a chance to grab everyone's attention and open a space for questions and doubts.

Which topics make for a good update meeting? Everyone involved in an update meeting is supposed to give it their full attention. That's why, important matters like company strategy, team changes, new or updated vision, or key partnerships are good topics for an update meeting. Things that rarely can be ignored by the team and could raise questions and doubts.

How to facilitate an update meeting? This form of a meeting should be focused: speakers should present their points and questions should be left for the end. A good idea would be visibly numbering each slide, should the meeting involve a presentation and let questions refer to a specific slide for convenience. Participants trying to cut into the presentation part should be gently reminded that they will have their time to ask questions. The facilitator shouldn't allow the speakers to be overwhelmed with the amount of questions by applying some moderation techniques and documenting the communication as Q&A note.

How long should be an update meeting? Focused update meetings should be rather short and to the point, thanks to a clear agenda and minimal setup.

Update meetings are a staple tool used to boost team productivity and morale, as long as they follow their purpose and are structured.

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