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Cubitoo brings the leader in you out and helps improving your company's internal communication, processes, workflows between teams, and productivity.

With group workshops and personalized "1-on-1" sessions.


Group workshops

I want to improve my team

Individual sessions

I want to improve myself or another leader

Group workshops are activities involving the whole team, designed to share knowledge and align participants with the desired vision.

Use them to solve complex communication and organizational issues on a macro-scale.

Most popular workshops:

Awesome Meetings

The Awesome Meetings workshop involves your whole team to show a better, more pragmatic, and efficient way or running meetings.

After this workshop your team will be more focused, generate better results, and stay motivated throughout the week. Knowing effective communication techniques, your team will require fewer and shorter meetings.

No more boring and demotivating meetings!

Pragmatic Communication

The Pragmatic Communication workshop teaches your team the pragmatic way to communicate requirements, processes, and changes.

After this workshop your team will be more efficient, relaxed, and productive. Spending more time on bringing the value and less on explaining or arguing.

Pragmatic communication prevents problems before they happen!

Strong Team

The Strong Team workshop improves your team coherence, boosts team's spirit and collaboraton. A hybrid story- and activity-based approach will leave your team aware of the dynamics and ways to resolve internal conflict.

After this workshop your team will understand and embrace different personality types to achieve more ambitious goals, and will be able to use conflicts in a creative and constructive way.

Group workshops quick start

Contact us to schedule your group workshop in Berlin. Apart from specifying the amount of participants and information on the resources like a projector or presentation screen, you're all set!

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Individual coaching sessions are personalized, regular, 1-hour long sessions performed on-site or via online call.

Improve your leadership and communication skills with a series of focused exercises, discussions, and brainstormings.

Most popular coaching topics:

Gain a mindful perspective of your team as a whole.

Acquire sensitivity for the team members' individual skills and improve them.

Brainstorm and solve your specific issues with an experienced partner.

Formulate strategy and acquire tools to grow your team and inspire the growth mindset.

Learn to hire in a smart way and select the best candidate for your team.

Improve your ideas by sparring with your coach's knowledge and experience!

Individual sessions quick start

Contact us to schedule your introduction call during which your personalized coaching program will be planned. You will also have a chance to get to know our principles, methodology, and the coaching process.

To hit the ground running, think ahead about areas you would like to improve and topics you would like to explore with your coach.

It may sound complicated, but our approach to coaching is be simple and straightfoward!

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Not ready for coaching yet?

You may not be ready for professional coaching yet, it's nothing to be ashamed of!

Our mission is: making happier and more productive companies. If you cannot invest in workshops or coaching at this moment, but still want to do something for your team, head to our mentoring blog.

You will find there lots of useful information, insights, guides, and handouts. Don't forget to subscribe!

The Cubitoo Way

Cubitoo believes that the systemic change starts with your individual effort. You have the power to change your mindset first, then help people around change their mindset. This creates a wave of change and allows everyone involved to tap into the network of positive-minded people around. We all deserve a happy and productive working environment and creating the future leaders is our primary goal.

Our coaching and mentoring is about pragmatic and battle-tested problem solving and value-centric principles: kindness, honesty, and transparency. It's not like reading a book, but if you absolutely want to read something, read our mentoring blog!

That's the Cubitoo Way. Intrigued? Let's talk:

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