Forget having the wings,
get yourself a space shuttle!

See your digital product being built while you receive life-changing training.
We work on two most important aspects of your business: product and... you!

Is it you?

You have a dream: your own company, digital product, happy team, and beautiful office.

The thing is, where do you even start on that? There are so many technologies, solutions, agencies, ways to go! It can be overwhelming.

Youre a "do-er" — you get things done, make up your mind quickly, strategize. You just need some help.

How we can help

We have the tools: design, technology, over a decade of experience in building digital products.

It's like having the power of external agency with the ease and efficiency of an in-house team.

While your product is buit in a matter of weeks, your mindset and skillset is also elevated through coaching and personalized training #WinWin

Do you want a golden toilet in the middle of an ocean? That's exactly what the "standard agencies" will build for you, no questions asked. They don't care, you're just one-of-many forgettable clients to them. To them you = $$$ (or €€€, hello fellow Europeans!)

We are different (seriously, just keep reading!)

Cubitoo Digital Product Incubator works on both sides of your business. We build beautiful, efficient, easy to maintain digital products — all while you receive mission-critical and life-changing training and coaching. Because guess what? Your mindset and skills will make or break your business, no matter how amazing your digital product is.

We are not afraid of asking "are you sure?" — we care about your success, so having a rock-solid product concept is a priority. That's why we look at digital products from many perspectives, focusing on the value to your business and your customers. It's possible, we know how to do that!

How does it work?

Working with Cubitoo is simple: we start by establishing a weekly coaching and product session — we talk, schedule, and plan the work for the upcoming days. The backlog full of opportunities and options, neatly documented and organized.

We teach pragmatic communication and put our money where our mouth is. Thanks to our lightweight and agile processes you always know what is happening and where. Already have your favorite productivity tool? Great, we can use it — otherwise we use Basecamp or Trello. We think in hours and days, rather than weeks or months.

You can literally see your product as it's being built! No need to wait a week or two for the sprint to end, only to change something. With our battle-tested agile processes and workflows you can jump in-and-out to keep control of your product. It's not optional, but an expected way when you work with Cubitoo!

Having the full agency skillset allows us to work efficiently on things that matter to save you time and money. Important decisions are made with facts: data, designs, prototypes. Anything else magically happens without overwhelming you with meaningless details.

We believe in the concept of incremental development: having big picture, but working in small steps. Making smart decisions that will pay off later. Focusing on what matters and optimizing the work for the value!






Our values

We know the prospect of starting your business from scratch is scary. That's why we follow and encourage following values inside Cubitoo, but also in the cooperation with our clients: honesty, transparency, and finally (putting) your value first.

Honesty: we believe that saying the truth is the foundation of any valuable relationship. We will be honest when talking about your ideas, product, and business. And expect you to be honest with us, too! Instead of bottling up about something, let's talk and pragmatically solve the problem when it happens. It's so simple!

Transparency: we want you to know what is happening even when you're not watching. We have nothing to hide when working with you — actually, we would love to have you grab as much knowledge and experience when working with us as you can! Feel free to ask why things happen certain way, what's the idea behind, and how it will benefit you in the long run.

Your value first: our goal is simple. It's seeing your company and you (personally) succeed — you're not some nameless invoice number to us. We put your goals and success first, because when you succeed, we succeed too! That's why we work and bill only for the work done, without hiding the idle time in some fuzzy "daily rate". Some program participants needed few days to figure out things on their own, they were never billed for that time — we just shifted our attention to other clients or our internal products and courses.

Our values
Your value first

Does it cost?

Yes, the Cubitoo Digital Product Incubator is a paid service. No, it doesn't cost that much, compared to the usual agency + freelancers + in-house team model. With us you get everything in one place, even if external service is required (thanks to our partners network).

You can be up and running (on average) in 3-6 months and a budget of around 25.000€ (excl. VAT) — it all depends on your idea, your needs, and how fast you want to go! You maintain the complete ownership of your product, no equity nor licensing is involved. You can decide to leave the program at any time.

Some projects are small and fast, some are ambitious and require more effort — let's talk about your needs and scope of your project during our free introductory call, we will explain you where and how your money is spent. Worst case scenario? We refer you to somebody else, you don't risk anything.


We hoped you'd end up here.
We know how hard it is to start something from an absolute zero — let's talk about the first steps and strategy!

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