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Here's a hard to swallow pill: making digital products is hard. We know, we have spent last 15 years doing just that. To make your life easier, we have created the Cubitoo Digital Product Incubator, a unique place for founders, early-stage startups, and small businesses to grow and accelerate their growth!

You might be a fresh founder with a superb new idea and a million questions, one of them how do I even start? You could be an early-stage startup in need of a MVP (Minimal Viable Product). You could be a small business expanding its services with some digital and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) services. We have 360° services to help you achieve your goals.

Your job is growing the business and seeing where the puck is going, so let us make your life easier and build your new digital product. It could be a website, a mobile app, a SaaS service, or anything digital, really! (we also do print and industrial design, by the way)

If this is you...

Are you a founder, run an early-stage startup, or a small business?

Do you need a MVP or a prototype build? Things like: software powering your business, digital service, or a digital product?

Do you plan to launch in 2-3 months and have a rough concept of your product already?

...this is how we can help:

We will build your MVP or prototype as a web or iOS application (or both!).

You will have a transparent and flexible overview of the process, allowing you to adapt and pivot your product as you see fit.

You will receive a life-changing training and coaching to help you grow your business.

Our process is transparent and pragmatic

Great things take time to build and having a good process is the key to success — we have perfected our process over the course of 15 years to make sure it's pragmatic, easy to understand, and reduces time and costs required to build your product.

Our almost magical results are the result of a pragmatic and transparent process.
You can count the required steps on one hand:

Weekly product sync and coaching session: let's have an hour together to keep you involved with the ideas, new progress, and next iteration. You can extend this time to get significant training and coaching, as needed!

Design phase: let us prepare some wireframes, mockups, and designs describing and documenting your product's next iteration. As they say: a full week of coding can save you 2 hours of planning, so let's make sure we tackle all the details before a single line of code is written.

Development phase: we build part of your product while you sleep (or work, or whatever). It could be something small or something very big. Definitely iterable!

Testing phase: after a few hours or days, another piece of your product is ready to be tested in a review app — you should take a look and let us know if you like it! Oh, and there are automated tests, just in case.

Release: we hope you have some pizza or champagne to celebrate! Another piece of your product is released into the wild, for you and your customers to enjoy.

Each product iteration is significant and meaningful, but small enough to take a relatively short time to finish, building up the momentum and giving you opportunities to adjust the direction as needed.

This process helped us to build multiple products, from small websites to large SaaS platforms. It's battle tested and ensures that you have a transparent overview of the process, at any time!

You will see first effects of the work already in the first week! We can move fast or slow, depending on your needs and effort you're ready to put into your product.






You will start seeing results as early as the first week!

On average, it takes 3 months to build a product.

You will receive materials for promotion, marketing, and sales.

Values you can trust

We know the prospect of starting your new product from scratch is scary. That's why we align ourselves and our clients with these values: honesty, transparency, and empowerment.

Honesty: we believe that saying the truth is the foundation of any valuable relationship. We will be honest when talking about your ideas, product, and business. And in return, expect you to be honest with us, too! Let's talk and pragmatically solve problems as they happens. It's so simple!

Transparency: we want you to know what is happening even when you're not watching. We have nothing to hide when working with you — actually, we would love to have you grab as much knowledge and experience when working with us as you can! Feel free to ask why things happen certain way, what's the idea behind, and how it will benefit you in the long run.

Empowerment: our goal is to help you achieve your goals, at the minimal cost, and as fast as possible to empower your business vision.

Our values
Your value first

Great solutions at affordable prices

How much would you price the comfort of having your product built with no stress and at almost no time at all? We bill hourly rates, so you can decide how effort you want to put into each part of your product. No tricky work days or estimations, when you can see the progress in hours and minutes!

All of our software comes with an administrative panel, industry-standard data encryption, responsive design, support for multiple languages (I18n, i.e. internationalization), and professional SEO.

Here are some recommended budgets based on our experience:


Homepage and 2-3 custom content pages with simple code-based templates.

Your own business showcase with basic communication tools and simple blog.

Budget: €3-5k (excl. VAT)

Time: around a month

Small E-Commerce Platform

Website and a small online store or social selling storefront for digital products.

Sell your own digital products, services, shares, tickets, or subscriptions.

Budget: €10-15k (excl. VAT)

Time: 1-2 months

E-Commerce Platform

Website and online store for digital and physical products, invoicing, and logistics.

Sell your own digital and physical products and services locally or internationally.

Budget: €15-20k (excl. VAT)

Time: 1-3 months

Content Platform

Custom content management system with e-commerce elements, social functionalities, etc.

Create your own content website, community page, coaching platform, etc.

Budget: €20-30k (excl. VAT)

Time: 2-3 months

SaaS Platform

Custom web software with subscriptions, content management, social features, etc.

Manage and run multi-user services like productivity software, CRM, Sales Management, Logistics, etc.

Budget: €30-50k and more (excl. VAT)

Time: 3-6 months

iOS Application

Custom iOS application for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, on top of an existing web platform.

Manage and run multi-user services like productivity software, CRM, Sales Management, Logistics, etc.

Budget: €20-30 and more (excl. VAT)

Time: 2-3 months

Don't believe us, listen to them!

You don't need to believe our website says it all — read what our happy customers have to say about working with us:

Laura Stella Korcik, Founder & Managing Director @ Vila Health
Services: Software Engineering (Ruby on Rails), UX/UI Design

I am working with Pawel and Cubitoo frequently and long-term. Pawel always delivers fast and high quality results, making him and Cubitoo a great and reliable technology partner.

Pawel's many talents and wide range of services offered, allow for an amazingly quick and seamless implementation of new projects, from UX/UI design to actual tech development.

Moreover, he is also proactively identifying development needs and proposing solutions, thus actively thinking ahead of future needs. Communication is very well-structured, reliable and efficient. I can highly recommend Cubitoo and their work!

Darica Diers, Founder & CEO @ Motidash
Services: Digital Product Incubator and Coaching

Paweł was more than just someone to build my software, he is actually a very skilled business strategist. He acted more like a member of my team than a paid consultancy.

I've received really powerful feedback and suggestions that helped me shape the software to what it is today.

Jonathan Wilhelm, CEO & Founder @ Droplabs
Services: Software Engineering (Ruby on Rails)

Pawel helped us in upgrading our backend and database. His suggestions to improve our project have been a great addition to his quick working style which is characterized by fast results with high quality.

Communication-wise is Pawel always quick in responding to emergency needs and in general well structured, transparent and professional. Apart from that he is a fun guy, very reliable and I can highly recommend him and his work!

Join our happy customers

Frequently asked questions

We know, so many questions... But we come with answers, always — take a look at some of the questions our happy customers asked before we started working together:

Do I need a complete concept of my digital product?

Before we get to work on wireframes, graphics, and code, there's always the mandatory concept phase — it's the time for us to brainstorm a little and have an honest conversation about your idea and required budget to make it happen.

We have worked with founders who had complete concepts of their product, and with founders who wanted something like (enter a product name) with (enter another product name). Both approaches are valid and we are happy to work with both — we can even come up with ideas that will improve your concept!

Why do you ask for my budget?

We ask for a budget because we want you to spend it efficiently and only on the things you really need. One of our values is transparency and for that reason we ask for and plan the works using your project's budget.

The benefit of that approach is that you will get as much value as possible, without cut corners, or never-ending renegotiations should you want to change the direction or scope of your product.

Can I get a quote for my project?

Digital product building is a creative process that requires a lot of planning and agility. We could give you a quote for your project, but it would lock your concept in place and would come with an unnecessary overhead that we want to avoid!

Our customers are happy to save on average 30% of their budget via our unique process, compared to the traditional approach of negotiating a price and waiting for a quote. This way, they can either spend their remaining budget elsewhere or use it for more features in their product built by us!

To give you a relatable example, imagine that you have a quote for a €50k product — that's exactly what you will pay or even more, should you realize that you need more features or want to change some things once they are built. With a budget of €50k, you can spend only €34k or €42k, making smart decisions along the way. It's just how it works!

What if I want to change direction of my product?

You can change the direction of your product at any time — we will be happy to discuss the reasoning for the change and update the product strategy. We will also make our best to fit those changes into your existing budget!

Just please don't change everything at the last minute — while it's possible, it may end up requiring more budget than you have initially planned.

Our customers change directions of their products quite often, as they learn new techniques, gain knowledge, and improve their business. Their early users provide valuable insight and feedback that can effect their product direction and thanks to the flexibility of our process, we encourage them to continuously refine and improve their product-market fit.

Do I need my whole budget upfront?

Cubitoo Digital Product Incubator is a multiple-months-long process and while we recommend having a specified total budget for your project secured, you do not need to have it upfront. In fact, you will be billed at the end of each month only for the actual amount of work we have done. And because transparency is one of our values, you will have access to a detailed hours log presenting what we have done and how much time it took. You will be positively surprised how much we can achieve in a very short time!

It's also entirely up to you to decide how much effort each month you want us to put into your project. Need a break? We can pause the works and resume them later.

Will I get the materials?

As we build your product, you will be receiving materials and other resources you've requested, e.g. marketing materials, screenshots, illustrations, etc. They will be safely tucked into the project management tools and your project's Google Drive folder.

Once the product is completed and paid in full, you will also receive all source materials, github repository with the code, and the running applications in Heroku. You will also receive your unlimited copyright license to further manage, modify, and distribute your product.

You can also leave some parts of the product to be managed by us, e.g. github repository and Heroku applications. These would be invoiced upfront each month or each quarter. Our less-technical customers often opt for that option, giving them peace of mind.

Can I terminate my project?

As much as we would be sad to see you leave, you can terminate your project at any time. You will still have to pay for the work we have done far.

You will receive all the materials as if the project was completed, and can shelve it or find somebody else to continue it. No hard feelings!

What we have experienced, though, is that our customers are happy to stay with us even after their product is completed. We just keep working together using more budget, and they can take some time off or slow things down as needed! That's the magic of our process: it puts your value first.

Do I have to pay VAT?

Cubitoo is a VAT paying company, so probably yes. Usually only retail customers are affected and companies are either exempt or they already balance VAT, too.

We will inform you about the VAT rate before we start working together but if we have to charge it, it will be 19% VAT registered in Germany.


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