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with Cubitoo

Cubitoo helps small companies and startups be successful
by offering strategical design and modern technologies.

Our products

Launch in 2020

Cubitoo develops complete digital products from the rough concept to the large-traffic-scale scaling using modern technologies: Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Svelte, and Flutter.

We can kick-start your digital business or enrich an existing one, train your team, and support you at any stage of your business growth. We are an agency of digital product builders.

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Our services

Cubitoo is not yet another creative agency. For years we were working from the trenches helping startups and small companies kickstart their digital products and we know exactly how to start quickly — we had MVP products up and running from the second week of cooperation, rolling with the punches!

Here's how we can help bring your idea to life:


We design beautiful, intuitive and easy to use digital products: websites, web and native applications, and digital marketing materials.

Printed media are also what Cubitoo does. Our customers enjoy their beautiful posters, leaflets, and other printed materials without the stress of dealing with a print shop, as we take care of everything for them.


Our mission is to help small companies and startups bring their vision to reality through the usage of modern technologies like Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Svelte, and Flutter to express ideas in complete and usable products.

Cubitoo follows established project management methodologies (SCRUM, Kanban) to deliver best results at an affordable cost and keep our customers up to date and fully involved in the process.

Products created by Cubitoo can be self-hosted or use popular cloud providers like Heroku and AWS.

As we have experience with working with digital health products, our customers can expect the high security standards, appropriate for their needs and product type — we treat security and privacy as the cornerstone of our work.

Management and consulting

No product would be successful without the management processes behind, and while SCRUM and Kanban keep the engineers moving forward, cooperation between different teams is critical.

We make sure stakeholders are involved, expectations are clear and communication is efficient through product ownership consulting. We have built and managed cross-functional teams for our customers, making sure they hit their goals.

We make sure everything is estimated, planned, and follows the plan smoothly through project management consulting. We thrive in a startup environment and wear like as a badge of honor.

We can step in as a part of your team or run a series of workshops and deep-dive sessions to make there's no friction between your teams.

Coaching and mentoring

We share our knowledge and experience through Cubitoo Mentor: own free mentoring platform and by selling personalized coaching and 1-on-1 sessions and deep-dive online workshops.

We want to see our customers grow with us, but also be the people we needed when we were young and at the early stage of our careers. Sharing is caring!

Check out our playbook

Cubitoo believes in and promotes the pragmatic communication: "we communicate to achieve clearly defined goals, in a straightforward and easy to understand way, respecting your time and boundaries".
(this is also the topic of one of our workshops!)

Here's our process and how we roll in a nutshell:

Hello :-)

Let us get to know you and understand your business and your needs.


We establish a communication, design, and development strategy for your product.


Guidelines, user experience and graphic designs are created and discussed at this stage.


It's the "get things done" phase. Our in-house developers and the ones we're connected with will make sure everything is finished in a tip-top shape.


We package and deliver the product deliverables to you.

It's time to celebrate your product launch!

Would you like to dive deeper into our process? You should read our official Playbook PDF to learn more about Cubitoo and our work philosophy.