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Cubitoo helps dreamers, founders, and startups to achieve their potential through training and creative services. Launch your product with us!

Digital Product Incubator

Start your dream company with the Cubitoo Founder&Startup Incubator: see your MVP built in a matter of weeks while you get coached and trained to sustain it as a founder!

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Receive help you need and hone your leadership, communication, and organizational skills with the Cubitoo Founder&Startup Coaching: unleash your inner leader!

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Courses and training

Elevate your skills and learn new, useful skills with the Cubitoo courses and personalized training. Learn whenever and wherever you want with DRM-free, downloadable materials or join live sessions via Zoom or Google Meet.

Cubitoo is for dreamers: no matter if you have a full-fledged idea for your digital product or just a few sketches on a napkin, we are there to help you make it a reality. We aren't yet-another creative agency locking you into a hefty contract — with Cubitoo you feel like you have a capable team next-door, communicating daily to keep you accountable and in-the-loop.
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That's our secret* flavor: we work on both sides of the equation. While the prototype or MVP of your digital product is being built in a matter of weeks, you get enough coaching and training to hit the ground running and sustain your company as a founder.
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We believe that your success is our success: we keep close to our past clients, providing support and affordable consulting if needed. It's like riding a bike, with a jetpack included.

*) Ooops, not a secret anymore, but you get the gist!

Success stories

Check out what our customers have to say about Cubitoo, our products, and services:

Darica Diers, Founder & CEO @ Motidash
Services: Digital Product Incubator and Coaching

Cubitoo was more than just someone to build my software, they are actually very skilled business strategists. They acted more like a member of my team than a paid consultancy.

I've received really powerfull feedback and suggestions that helped me shape the software to what it is today.

Jonathan Wilhelm, CEO & Founder @ Droplabs
Services: Software Engineering (Ruby on Rails)

Pawel helped us in upgrading our backend and database. His suggestions to improve our project have been a great addition to his quick working style which is characterized by fast results with a high quality.

Communication-wise is Pawel always quick in responding to emergency needs and in general well structured, transparent and professional. Apart from that he is a fun guy, very reliable and I can highly recommend him and his work!

The Cubitoo Blog

Sharing is caring! You might not be yet ready to launch your digital product or receive training and coaching. We welcome you to the free mentoring blog and the free mentoring platform. Both of these resources contain hours of valuable training and insight to get up and running. Or at least properly inspired!

The best time...

How is your New Year's resolution? They say the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best is today.

On the portfolio mindset

Being a productive and efficient maker has its one, dramatic drawback: attachment. To the project, to the team, to the company. Let's see how it's a slippery slope!

Synthetic authority

We all love to hold a little bit of authority. The problem starts when we do it for the sake of having it

Awesome Meetings: Question-oriented agenda

While having a clear agenda is essential for productive meetings, you can make them more efficient and enjoyable with a question-oriented agenda. Here's how:

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