You bring the idea,
we bring it to life!

Cubitoo is a digital product building agency: we bring your ideas to life as websites, web apps, or iOS apps (and more!)

Need more support? We also offer coaching, personal training, and workshops for your team.

More handshakes, fewer headaches

So you want to start your tech business or add a new digital product? Great! We can help you with that...

...but you've got no idea how to get started?. We are here to help you — with over 15 years of experience in building digital products for startups and founders, we know both where and how to get started. And save you some money and time along the way!

Oh, and what 15 years it has been! Social platforms, productivity software, chatbots, digital health, affiliate marketinng, recruiting, CRM, e-commerce, content portals — we have been there, already! Each one is unique and different, each one just a rough idea on day 1. We made them a reality!

That also means: we really know how to make software, create delightful User Experience (UX), craft beautiful graphic designs (both digital and print!), invent a memorable branding, and write chuckle-inducing copy and content — all while making sure the search engines eat everything up thanks to a rock-solid SEO. Yeah, full package!

What's our secret sauce?

Cubitoo supports you and your business in three core areas: digital product building, coaching, and training.

You can focus on one are or mix-and-match your perfect combination of our services.

Digital Product Incubator

Bring your idea from a one-sentence concept into a worldwide product.
See your MVP built in a matter of weeks while you get coached and trained to sustain it as a founder!

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Become a better leader, learn to communicate effectively, improve your productivity, and unleash your creative potential with the personalized coaching.

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Courses and training

Learn new useful skills alone or with your team using the pre-made courses and personalized workshops.

Don't believe us, listen to them!

You don't need to believe our website says it all — read what our happy customers have to say about working with us:

Laura Stella Korcik, Founder & Managing Director @ Vila Health
Services: Software Engineering (Ruby on Rails), UX/UI Design

I am working with Pawel and Cubitoo frequently and long-term. Pawel always delivers fast and high quality results, making him and Cubitoo a great and reliable technology partner.

Pawel's many talents and wide range of services offered, allow for an amazingly quick and seamless implementation of new projects, from UX/UI design to actual tech development.

Moreover, he is also proactively identifying development needs and proposing solutions, thus actively thinking ahead of future needs. Communication is very well-structured, reliable and efficient. I can highly recommend Cubitoo and their work!

Darica Diers, Founder & CEO @ Motidash
Services: Digital Product Incubator and Coaching

Paweł was more than just someone to build my software, he is actually a very skilled business strategist. He acted more like a member of my team than a paid consultancy.

I've received really powerful feedback and suggestions that helped me shape the software to what it is today.

Jonathan Wilhelm, CEO & Founder @ Droplabs
Services: Software Engineering (Ruby on Rails)

Pawel helped us in upgrading our backend and database. His suggestions to improve our project have been a great addition to his quick working style which is characterized by fast results with high quality.

Communication-wise is Pawel always quick in responding to emergency needs and in general well structured, transparent and professional. Apart from that he is a fun guy, very reliable and I can highly recommend him and his work!

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The Cubitoo Blog

Sharing is caring! You might not be yet ready to launch your digital product or receive training and coaching. We welcome you to the free mentoring blog and the free mentoring platform. Both of these resources contain hours of valuable training and insight to get up and running. Or at least properly inspired!

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Every wondered what is the secret ingredient between a good product and an amazing product? It's the User Experience.

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Being productive and staying on top of your business is not easy. You will need a lot of discipline to get through each day, even when the work drags and you are not in the mood. Here are some ideas to make yourself more disciplined to push through the slump:

How leadership is different from management

So you're the manager. Boohoo, what a ride! Probably nobody told you managing is easy, yet.

On flattery

"Flattery gets you nowhere, but certainly opens many doors."

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