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The secret ingredient of amazing apps

Every wondered what is the secret ingredient between a good product and an amazing product? It's the User Experience.

User Experience (UX) is everything that makes your users feel good when they are using your digital product. Anything from how it looks, how it communicates functionalities, interacts with the User, and how it makes the User feel about the process.

So before we start working on your digital product, let's help you kickstart the process — try answering these questions to get into the User's shoes (there are many more but we believe these core questions provide significant insights):

  1. Who are your Users? In other words: who will be using your product? Are they kids, adults, or elderly? Are they proficient with technology, or do they have special needs?

  2. When will they use your product? Can they give your product their undivided attention, or will they be using it while multitasking? Will your product be used regularly and often in short burtsts, or will it be used in longer and less focused sessions?

  3. Is it a desktop or mobile product? Or both? Knowing the platform will help you undertand the unique opportunities and limitations of your product.

  4. Is it a product that operates in real-time or processes information in the background? Some products can act as behind-the-scenes sources of information, delivered to the User in a asynchronous way (like email or social networks). Others are real-time, and require immediate attention and action (like a chat app or a video call).

  5. What is the main goal of your product? In a sentence or two, what is the core thing your product focuses on to bring value to the Users?

With those five questions answers, you are ready to delve into the deep waters of your product's User Experience. Good news? We can help you with that — simply get in touch via email or phone and we'll be happy to help you out.

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