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We help to grow natural leaders with coaching, mentoring, and personalized training.

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Ready to grow?

We worked with many founders and know the startup life inside-out. That big problem you face? Most likely not that unique and we know how to help you solve it. Or your team, because sharing is caring, and teams that train together, rock together!

You can work alone or with your team:

Individual coaching

You're the founder of your startup or an employee in one, hungry for personal growth and career development.

Our individual coaching is focused on you alone: how you think, act, and communicate. Get ready for some hard questions and "aha! moments".

Starting from 99€/month

Team coaching

Your team (probably) gets things done, but it doesn't sound like a well oiled machine — small issues blow up, people are confused, office politics take over calm heads and common sense.

Our team coaching focuses on how your team works together, communicates, and what makes your company culture.

Starting from 399€/month

How can we help?

Coaching has many flavors, but we don't serve them all. Our focus is creating efficient leaders, improve communication, and boost efficiency of your team. That's why we help with solving following problems:

Individual coaching

  • Individual coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Team management
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Accountability coaching

Team coaching

  • Team building (Strong Team program)
  • Meeting facilitation (Awesome Meetings program)
  • Team mechanics (Toxic Team program)
  • Team communication
  • Team productivity

Our coaching programs rely on guided sessions and practical self-stufy exercises. You have control over the speed of your growth — you can move at a fast pace with practical take-aways or take a slow and analytical route of self-discovery.

Life-changing content, really!

We know that it might be hard to grasp the benefits of coaching at first. Take a look at some key take-aways from our selected programs:

Awesome Meetings: your team will utilize meetings to be more focused, generate better results, and stay motivated throughout the week. Knowing effective communication techniques, your team will require fewer and shorter meetings. No more boring and demotivating meetings!

Pragmatic Communication: your team will master the pragmatic way to communicate requirements, processes, and changes. Your team will be more efficient, relaxed, and productive. Spending more time on bringing the value and less on explaining or arguing. Pragmatic communication prevents problems before they happen!

Strong Team: improve the coherence of your team, boost the team spirit and collaboraton. A hybrid story- and activity-based approach will leave your team aware of the dynamics and ways to resolve internal conflict. Your team will understand and embrace different personality types to achieve more ambitious goals, and will be able to use conflicts in a creative and constructive way.

Toxic Team: heal your team with practical strategies and solutions to common team and organizational issues. Calm down the team diva, tune down a rockstar, and cut the team politics in the bud. Your team will acquire tools to detect and handle with toxic behaviors.

How does it work?

Our coaching approach is both comfortable and simple: we use Zoom and Google Meet (or another video conferencing solution of your choice) to perform the 1-on-1 sessions and team coaching.

Each individual session is documented, so you can quickly catch-up and follow your progress. Likewise, team coaching involves shared notes for your team. We encourage you to periodically redo the training when your team changes, but you can use these materials to onboard new team members on your own.

Some programs rely on slides and cards used for presentations and workshops. These too are yours to keep!

Is it personalized?

Yes, all Cubitoo coaching programs are personalized to your needs! You save time and money by focusing on what really brings the value to your personal and professional life and helps you grow.

Our flexible approach allows you to move at your own speed and adjust the intensity to align with your needs. You can go slow-and-steady or make short and intense bursts. Need a short break? That's fine, too! We make sure your coaching program is focused on utilizing the time you have and provide optimal value.


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