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The Loser Mentality. Do you have it?

We all know that kind of person: never happy, always under the weather, everything goes wrong for them… The person with a loser mentality.

It's dangerously easy to get into the downward spiral of why me?, I can't, and it won't work thinking when things don't go right. Our minds try to make sense of the situation, sticking to the (falsely) obvious opinion that we were chosen to fail. When you start feeling this way, a risk of self-sabotage and apathy is higher…

STOP and take a close look at yourself: you're the sum of your experiences. Not only the bad ones, but mostly the good ones! Feeling pain is a great opportunity to take a short break, regroup, and change direction.

How to help somebody who has the loser mentality? First of all, don't try to convince them everything is fine. Instead, point out factual good things about their current and past life: successes, achievements, positive aspects of their life like living in a nice place, their hobbies, friends and family. The change must come from within them, you can only act as an inspiration and the catalyst. Keep in mind, that some people showing the loser mentality do it for the attention and they might not be interested in changing their life, after all!

We believe it's okay to feel down from time to time, it's natural and life wouldn't be interesting without the ups and downs! And remember that bad times… are just times that are bad.

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