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Being demotivated

I love engineering. I love building things, and solving problems.

What I don’t love, is when stress and negativeness around me changes my perception, and makes me question if I want to be an engineer anymore.

I’ve had once a very hard time, struggling with bad environments full of stress, abuse, and burnout. For a while I took a joke of maybe I should be farmer not as a joke, but as a serious possibility. An escape route.

The thing is, over the years I learned to detect moments like this. It’s a clear sign, that I should rethink, and reevaluate my life and current situation. It was the time for some changes, collecting new experiences, and embarking on new adventures.

When you’re feeling down, and don’t want to do things you love anymore, make a full stop and look around: something is very bad, and you should change it!

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