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What makes a team

Have you ever wondered what makes a well-knit, efficient team? I was considering different aspects of teams in scope of leadership, efficiency, architecture, and personal relations, and at some point came to a conclusion.

There are two factors that make or break a team: human connection and psychological phenomenon of safe haven.

When creating a team, each member of it must feel connected to other members, and aligned with the goals of the group as a whole. They may be more than welcome to pursue their own agenda, as a long as the outcome strenghtens the collective outcome of the team. Different personalities, diverse life experience, and quirky hobbies are making every member of a team more approachable, and interesting, providing something like a glue between people.

Alignment, and connection are not the ultimate goal for team builders. In order to ensure stability, innovation, and psychological comfort, one must create a safe haven. A place, and state of mind, where different points of view are respected, and people can feel mentally safe from the dangers of ridicule, and judgement. In a way, it’s a creative safe space, a platform for free exchange of ideas, insight, and experimental approaches.

I believe these two factors make the building foundation of great teams: groups that are diverse, courageous, healthy, and focused on a common good, instead of petty and selfish agenda.