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Do not dilute your life with "easy"

Ever heard these phrases? Read a book in 15 minutes! Gain muscle with this one exercise! Make money with this simple trick.

These are the examples of the "easy" mindset. Gain without pain, effortless. Is it, ever?

Doing hard things is valuable, because it's meaningful—learning and growing through books takes time, effort, and requires discipline. Same with physical activity, where success often requires years of hard work, dieting, and self-limitation. Same with earning money, which requires skill, and often luck.

The other side of the spectrum is everything easy, like reading a book summary: does it mean it's only a minuscule part of the content, or the book itself was so bloated and meaningless? Why would one exercise if they can suck out the fat, implant artificial muscle implants? Why would anyone work, if it's possible to scam other people, and make easy money on somebody else's gullibility?

Laziness and lack of convictions are what powers the "easy mindset". Meaningless short victories. Lack of long-lasting values.

Do you really want to enter that slippery slope?

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