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Leadership Mantra: Inspiration

One thing that unites leaders is the ability to inspire.

Think about this: how do you make somebody go with you somewhere, even though the journey is not easy? You paint the picture of the future that could be, so they desire it as much as you do. You inspired them, congratulations!

When working with other people, a leader must be the inspiration source. They also get the inspiration back from their team. This cycle of inspiration exchange boosts energy and motivation, bringing many benefits in other areas like creativity, happiness, and loyalty, too!

Did you inspire anybody in the last few days? If we don't inspire, we shouldn't call ourselves leaders, right? Make the experiment and try to be inspiring in the few upcoming days:

  • focus on the positive aspects of work and consider issues as opportunities, rather than obstacles,
  • instead of telling them what to do, ask how they would do it,
  • be open-minded when a seemingly random idea is proposed.

Inspiration is a muscle: you can work on it and strengthen it to be a better leader!

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