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Two sides of the coin

Each story has always two versions, or more—everybody involved in a situation will have their own perception of it.

Imagine you got bumped into by a stranger in a hurry. Were they rude? Careless? Maybe even stupid? That's your story in a nutshell: I was going down the street, while somebody bumped into me, hurrying like a maniac! How rude!.

What is their story? Maybe they got an unsettling news, and needed to rush in a state of emergency? Maybe they were feeling sick, unwell? Maybe they were just actually rude, and didn't pay attention? You will never know.

Because each story is like a coin—it has two sides. Everyone will have their own recollection of the situation, biased through their personal experience, perception, values, and the state of their mind at that particular moment.

Just accept it, be kind, and be mindful. Sometimes you cannot change the way things go, only your perception.

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