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The Toxic Team: Too many bosses

There was a time when I was joking that I will never again join a three-founders company. One of the reasons for that was the lack of synergy between founders.

When you have two founders, it's like a couple. Sometimes they won't agree on certain things, and they might look for support in the team.

When you have three founders, the amount of potential discord is even higher, unless the founders have enough experience and wisdom to split decisions between themselves, and cooperate.

In both of these situations, the lack of understanding, and cooperation, wrecks chaos in the team—which leader should we follow if they seem to move in opposite directions?

Unfortunately, I cannot offer any solutions in such case. These founder-induced situations are hard to tackle, since there's nobody else to ask for help, when mediation doesn't work.

The best way to survive is to support your team, and remembering that the purpose is to collaborate.

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