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The Toxic Team: Cliques

A clique is a small close-knit group of people who do not readily allow others to join them. Having one in your team is an anti-thesis of collaboration, since not belonging to the clique can invite many toxic behaviors.

While it's understandable that cliques form among people of similar interests, it's very dangerous when one forms inside your team. Introducing rejection, contempt, and judgement, can lead to resentment, and the feeling of abandonment in the people not being part of the pack. On the other hand, being close-knit can lead to pack behavior like blind following the pack, attacking different opinions, and conformism. These behaviors are very dangerous, and can destroy even the best, most open-minded teams in the long run.

In order to resolve situation caused by cliques, a broader discussion is required. Sometimes it's worth to remind everyone in the team, that the purpose of a team is collaboration, you all have mutual interest, and should support each other, no matter what seems to divide you.

Remember that kindness goes a long way, and sometimes it takes some patience until people open up.

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