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Sugar, coffee, toilet paper

My dad is a hardened veteran of company environments, and I learned to value his surprising (at times) wisdom.

One of the most valuable advices I received was always look if the company provides sugar, coffee, and toilet paper.

Sugar is something entirely optional, it means somebody cares deeply about the company, and doesn't skimp on the expenses to make it a comfortable place. When sugar disappears without a warning, it's a sign somebody doesn't care that much anymore (ask yourself, why?).

Coffee is considered a requirement of an office, its quality, and supply, can tell a lot. When it runs dry, it means the company is having a trouble, jobs can be cut soon, the money starts running dry.

Toilet paper is a basic human right these days, without a doubt. Yet, I encountered companies where it would be missing for days. It's a clear sign, nobody cares, and the company has no money to operate.

It takes less than 5 minutes to see what kind of company you are dealing with. You're welcome.

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