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Pragmatic communication

There’s something I was wrapping my head around lately: an efficient way to communicate in teams, ensuring important information is shared in a way, that’s unobtrusive and efficient.

I’ve come up with a term for it: pragmatic communication. Here are some guidelines for you to follow:

  • Don’t push the information, but let it be pulled at appropriate time; In technological analogy it’s like using RSS compared to a communicator,
  • Provide information upfront, make sure the information you provide is complete, understandable, and clear,
  • Be transparent, and open; in other words: by openly sharing the information, you can ensure it reaches all the recipients,
  • Three simple rules can lead to making your communication more efficient, and pragmatic. When I apply these in my team, everyone feels more included, and involved in the work!

    With these guidelines in mind, I’ve decided to make a knowledge management platform, say hi to Cubitoo Team.

    It’s a unique pragmatic communication SaaS platform for teams small and large. By sharing important updates with your team, you can keep them updated, and involved in your work. That breaks one the most dangerous mechanics that may emerge in any team: the silos. Companies and teams spend too much time, and resources, on dealing with the outcome of lacking communication, and Cubitoo Team should be their first step to fix the situation they found themselves in.

    Give it a try, and dip into the pragmatic communication concept. I am sure you will be happy!