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On having the pride

I have two gripes with my generation. One, work is often seen as a mundane process of obtaining money. Two, rampant acceptance of bad company culture, and mishandling at work, because work feeds one's family.

Both of them can be summed up in one question: have you no pride, people?

One needs pride to deliver their best effort every single day at work. Enough sensitivity, motivation, and mindset of ownership. When work is just a way to get a paycheck, things go very very bad. Not only for the company, but also for the employees themselves.

Moreover, having no pride leads to indifference. Acceptance of the new normal. Crazy working hours, bullying, gossip and poor mental health. I don't care, it's not my company mindset is a sign, that there's nothing more one can bring to the table, that they are so burned out, that their empty shell is vaguely present at work. Their soul, their heart, and most importantly their brain, gone.

Have pride in your work. Do your best, and demand the best in return.

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