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On being a fanboy

But you’re a fanboy, so your opinion doesn’t matter!—is the most common thing you will hear when discussing technology these days. I’ve been called an Apple fanboy, and console fanboy too.

Does it have to be this way? Maybe certain products and services are just easier to use, and offer a more attractive usability to price ratio?

My favorite argument in this discussion is my technological drawer, storing all my past phones, and few smart watches. With Android, I felt like I need to update my phone often to get feature, and security upgrades. It become tedious very fast, as I never felt like I can rely on my devices. Same with Android watches, they simply become obsolete less than a half a year after the premiere, even though they were beloved by their users.

In the long run, cheaper devices upgraded more often were bad for me, and twice as bad for the environment.

When I migrated my digital life to iOS devices, things changed. Suddenly I didn’t need to upgrade every year, because my devices were receiving updates 3 or 4 years later. Even though my old iPad from 2012 is not updated anymore, everything works.

Circling back to my initial question: it doesn’t need to be this way. We can choose the best solution—we live in the golden age of electronics, and manufacturing. There was no time in human history when access to the cutting-edge was so easy, and so wide-spread. We just need to accept it, and embrace the diversity.

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