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Learning to be grateful

Today is Valentine's Day, and that means: today is about love and gratitude. What does it even mean to be grateful?

We are grateful, when we appreciate and are thankful for something. The question is: what? We could be grateful for a gift, or a well done service. The big things.

The art of living happily is about learning to be grateful for small things, though. Breakfast together, a walk to the train, somebody holding door to us or just asking how are at work. It's a muscle that we can train.

When we are grateful for small things, days seem nicer and brighter. It might be raining, but we're at our warm house or office. It might be dark, but we have candles and nice lights. Life could be hard at the moment, but if we pay attention to other people giving us support and little help, maybe it's not that bad after all?

Valentine's Day is not only about love and large gestures. It's also about feeling grateful for all the little things that normally escape our attention — try to notice them in the next days!

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