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It takes 5 minutes

Living in an apartment block is sometimes an inspiring experience. Let me tell you a story.

Like in a traditional Polish story, there are two neighbors: one is a family man, caring for his wife and a child, the other is a young party goer that uses his youth while it lasts.

You can imagine the conflict rising during late weekend evenings: loud music and laughter was disturbing the family man.

To my surprise, contrary to the common sense, he didn’t go and talk with the loud neighbor. Instead, he kept slamming the floor, hoping to send a message. Unfortunately, everyone in the building received it, too.

It makes me think, why it feels sometimes easier to release the anger, and figuratively (or in this case, quite literally) slam the floor, while it takes just 5 minutes to talk. To knock on the door, and politely explain, that there’s a tired and restless child upstairs. Let them understand, instead of brewing the anger.

Kindness can go a long way, it just takes a minute and some courage.

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