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Help only when asked

How infuriating is it, when you have a slight bump on the road, and suddenly somebody else elbows they way in to help you? Completely stomping over your work in the process, taking over.

One of the hardest things I've learned was caring, being there, letting them grow. When you care about somebody, you don't want them to fail, and feel bad because of that. Yet, failing is important for growing: it's part of the learning process.

Make an experiment next time your instinct to help kicks in: take a step back, deep breath, and ask how they do. Let them decide, if they are good on their own, or are in need of help.

If they need help, ask questions. Make them think, ideate, come up with their answer. Make it theirs, by letting them grow. Do not take over their work, do not tell them what to do. Be their safety net, instead of crutches.

You will be amazed how amazing people are when you inspire them, instead of telling them what to do!