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Doing without being told

I’m embracing lately the amazing vision of Marie Kondo and her life (altering) philosophy of finding joy in cleaning and tidying up.

It also makes me think, that many of her ideas aren’t that ground-breaking: keeping only the clothes we like wearing, keeping only the books that enrich us. Moderation, and mindful approach to the material possessions. Nobody really needs to be told how to clean, right?

And then something clicked in my head: of course people need to be told! It’s so much easier, when somebody points at the pile of books, and orders us to tidy it up. We are being made accountable for something, so it’s easier to force ourselves to actually get it through.

Should it be like that, though? When I started writing this daily blog, I didn’t have anybody pointing their finger at the computer keyboard, saying write. I just built enough energy to get it up and running, and the momentum keeps me going almost 4 months later still.

Maybe the trick is to just start something, and not stopping?

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