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Broken windows

There's a broken windows theory in criminology. It can be also applied to the daily life, by looking at how we react to the new normal, i.e. all the little, negative changes around us.

When the first window is broken, there are gasps of surprise. It can go either ways, either it's addressed and fixed, or it's ignored and neglected. It can be trigger for change, or will become the new normal.

In reality you never get beyond the first broken window. If you let it slip, it will become the part of your reality, something you have to get over, something you must be from now on used to. The next time a window is broken, a new cycle is started, being harder to fix, and easier to compromise on. It can continue until everything is ruined.

Knowing which windows cannot be broken is wisdom, it requires one to know their values, and have the courage to fight for them.

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