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Be authentic yourself

How honest are you with yourself today? Are you allowing yourself to be... yourself?

Each person has two faces, one they show to society, and one visible only to themselves. We want to be part of the society, fit in. You may feel like your personal quirks, weird hobbies, deep-held beliefs cannot be expressed.

You couldn’t be more wrong! Only by allowing yourself to be vulnerable, honest, and open, you can really feel like you belong to something bigger than yourself. Like you fit in.

Our minds tell us that unraveling anything about ourselves will put us under microscope. That we will be suddenly naked, the center of attention, in the worst possible way. Life doesn’t work this way, each person has their own story to write. They will ignore the revelation, or laugh, or feel shocked at first, but they will move on, before you even realize.

Be honest, and be authentic with yourself. Let other people to get to know you. Feel free!

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