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Put your phone down!

Do you really need that phone in front of your face so often?

We are living in amazing times: we have the access to almost infinite knowledge, available 24/7 from virtually any place in the world.

Yet it feels often, like we become slaves to the technology supposed to serve our growth. Facebook, chats, Instagram and Snapchat are cages for our minds, catching our attention, and diluting our lives into short bursts of external validation and ego-boosting bragging.

I have a challenge for you: for the next few days, use your phone only when being alone. When meeting friends or your family, simply keep it pocketed, until absolutely necessary.

Listen to them. Look at them. The people who matter the most in your life, be present for them. You don’t need to eat while being glued to the screen, sitting a feet from a living person.

Make the effort, and see for yourself how much better your life will be.

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