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Price doesn't equal quality

Imagine the surprise of fashion influencers, when the recently opened boutique called Palessi turned out to be a prank made by Payless, an affordable shoes store.

Style, and quality of the footwear was complimented. Little they knew their $640 sneakers in reality cost a whooping $19.99!

This situation raises in my head a question: why do we consider expensive things better, more stylish, or of better quality?

I believe, while there are many high-end products made with expensive materials, or requiring extensive research and development (thinking about automotive or consumer electronics), majority of the products are good cheap.

Like shoes that are one-season only anyway. Or t-shirts, hoodies, and literally anything made with cotton. Mass-produced electronics made with common components.

We don’t need to pay much for the things that are cheap. It’s only because we want to, because it makes us feel better, more sophisticated, more powerful. A food for thought.

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