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Later never comes

Let’s be honest for a minute: when was the last time you could say now it’s a great moment to dig out all these little tasks I left for later? I can imagine, at least 90% of Cubitoo Daily Blog readers’ will end up scratching their heads trying to find a believeable timeframe.

That is the real trap of the later mindset, a state of mind that makes us obsess over delivering as much value with the least required effort. The sad reality is: later never comes.

As we press through tasks, projects, chores, and obligations, there is never a good time to get back to the ever-growing pile of things that scratch the back of our heads. It gets worse, and worse, the better we get at deluding ourselves that we did enough, there’s plenty of time for touch-ups and fixes.

The only remedy for that is patience, and embrace of now. You can finish it now, it will take few more minutes, maybe hours. It will be finished, though. Both your pride, and your mental load will be grateful.

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