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Keeping things simple

There is a term of cognitive load, referring to the effort being used in the working memory: how hard it is to keep everything in mind, in other words.

Digital lifestyle doesn't necessarily lessen the load on our minds. On the contrary, we are figuratively bombarded with never-ending stream of information, notifications, urgent messages, and decisions.

There's an app for everything, these days. Just selecting a task manager can be an overwhelming endeavor, as there are at least 20 different applications, methodologies, and good practices. Note-taking, documenting, collaboration, just as complicated.

I used to have at least 5 note-taking applications on my digital devices at all times, not mentioning paper notepads and journals. At some point, the problem of where information is stored, was overshadowing the what is stored, and for me it was a clear sign, that things needs to change.

I radically simplified things. First, my paper notes and journals become just daily notes. Second, my digital toolset trickled down to iOS Notes (for private snippets), Notability (for quick hand-written scribbles), Things (for task management, previously iOS Reminders), and recently Agenda (for work-related and date-sensitive planning and logging of progress). The third, final step, was to move 100% into the digital workflow. Thanks to Notability's hand writing recognition, my hand-written notes are searchable.

Finally, after few struggles with separating everything, I ended up with a very simple, and what's very important, efficient solution. All on one portable device, that I tend to carry with me wherever I go.

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