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Challenge yourself!

There’s a saying: if you’re standing still, you’re moving backwards (because everyone else moves forward). While it cannot be applied to everything in our lives, there’s some truth to it.

When I started my daily blog, I wasn’t sure how long I will be able to keep up. Will I have enough interesting ideas? I thought, as I wrote the first blog post in October 2018.

Almost two months later I must admit, I’ve never felt this creative. I come up with ideas almost every day. I’ve started recording the audio voiceover of my blog posts. Life never been more creative!

My point is: challenge yourself. Find something you don’t feel comfortable with, like writing, drawing, or painting. Sing a song. Make it your mission for the next month: do it a little bit every day. See how you grow under a challenge.

A million miles journey starts with a single step.

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