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Thinking out of the box for better User Experience

Did you wonder why the mobile version's menu button on the Cubitoo website is located somewhere near the bottom-right and not the usual top-right corner?

The short answer for that is thumb reachability. To illustrate that take a look at the simplified reachability chart:

Thumb reachability chart

We have no way to know nor predict if the user is right or left handed. We also know majority of people are right-handed (about 89%) we took a safe bet you're most likely right-handed too.

Depending on your relative hand and phone sizes, large part of the screen won't be reachable in a comfortable way. You will end up stretching your palm or be forced to use the phone two-handed, lowering your comfort and experience.

We decided to place our menu button right in the comfortable zone: it's the arc-shaped area that requires the minimal effort and strain on your hand! Once opened it also keeps the close button in the same place and vertically aligns the menu items to the bottom to make them even easier to click.

It's these little details that make websites and applications bliss to use and we love bringing great experiences!

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