Being true to oneself

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How much would you be willing to sacrifice for the values you hold dear to your heart?

Let me tell you a story: I’m a software engineer with a dog. I knew that having one will be a responsibility, but I decided to adopt one puppy about 10 years ago. I’ve made a commitment.

Since then, I always worked with my dog by my side, or close by, so I don’t leave her for longer than 6 hours.

To be true to myself, and my commitment, I have had refused a job offer at least once. I was so anxious the first time it happened, but then I realized: this is my stand, my rule I will never compromise.

In a way, having this _limitation_ is very empowering, because it opened my mind to be an unapologetic rule-breaker, and the evangelist of dog-friendly offices. In a way, it paid off tenfolds to be true to myself.

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