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My name is Paul Komarnicki. I'm a (Ruby on) Rails bender, Mac user, IKEA lover & kitchen Jedi. Oh, and a dog owner ;)
Since 2012 I'm working with lovely team of Jacky Media GmbH, where I'm Chief Technology Officer.


It's all about emotions

Startle them. Amaze them. Shock them. Surprise them.
Make them remember your products, make them love your brand.
It's all about you and their emotions!

Design is not about looking 'cute' or 'pretty', but it's about making serious emotions and a real bonding between users and your products.

corporate identity graphic design web design mobile design

Corporate identity is the very first thing that your image depends on.

It consists of logotype, business cards, stationery and other printed materials, as well as company uniforms, vehicle branding etc.

Corporate identity is in fact a rulebook of how different elements of your branding should look to be consistent.

Graphic design, called just 'design', is a collection of services aiming at creating new promotional materials for your company.

I am great at designing leaflets or custom catalogues, postcards, posters, stickers, book covers, packaging and much more!

There is no limit of possible solutions, just ask.

Web design is the best way to introduce your business to your Internet audience.

Creating a dedicated, custom made website is a key factor to stand out among your competitors and to make impact.

According to rules of usability, I can design beautiful, readable web pages that are just great!

Mobile design is a specialised kind of web design aiming at creating beautiful websites for small mobile devices' screens.

It's a great achievement to create consistent feel&look across desktop and mobile environments, but I am experienced in these design tasks.

Expand your audience with your website on a go!

Software engineering

Bringing your concept and ideas to life

Engage your audience with highly sophisticated communication solutions.
Instead of having them looking at you, make them saying to you, and each other.

Dedicated web, desktop and mobile development solutions make your goals easier to achieve — it's you who decides about desired functionality!

I work with Ruby on Rails for many years and know its pros and cons — I already have designed and developed a huge variety of web applications on advanced levels of complexity: social networks, price and product comparison engines, tools, content management systems.
I use Node.js for heavy-traffic, communication software, where minimal latency and speed is more appreciated than complex foundation of Ruby on Rails. Node.js is also great for mini applications like Facebook apps!
My web applications are using powerful JavaScript front-end scripting used for interactions and calculation performed directly in the client's browser. Coffeescript? I love it!
All of my web applications can use HTML5 features like accelerated graphics, communication, data storage in the browser and many more. Your application will be cutting edge straight from the box!
Your website would be useless unless it renders properly in all modern browsers! I use cutting-edge solutions, but also remember about the gracefull fallback for older browsers or troublesome ones like Internet Explorer**) Some features may not be available in older browsers at all, please see FAQ


I do not only write efficient, powerful software, but also audit and optimise existing applications. Wondering how I managed to achieve 500% speed improvement for our client? Let's make your website fast too!

Worry-less deploying

Wondering where your application should be hosted? Worry no more! I can advice the best hosting solution and deploy your new application.

Not only web

I do develop not only websites, but also desktop and mobile applications — just ask about possible solutions!

Usability and User Experience

Improving users' comfort made easy

Understand your users' needs to let them achieve more — use comfortable, intuitive and elegan user interfaces.
Usability services consist of several solutions to let you analyze, understand and design better functional model of your application or website.

design analyze improve evaluate

Success of your application or website may be set long before it's published: is it easy to use? Does it help achieving users' goals? What happens when user clicks this red button? Are crucial informations easy to locate, or users are getting frustrated looking for answers?

With my usability and user experience analytics services you will know answers to these questions long before you get your first real customer's feedback. My primary objective is to make your product communicate and work better, while realizing it's goals. It all leads to flawless user experience, their smile and your profits.

I can define your product's core concepts and design wireframes from scratch, or I can pick up existing designs and improve them. My analysis covers many aspects of usability, accessibility and overall user experience.

I have experience with designing user-friendly, efficient and beautiful interfaces for websites and web applications.

No more boring, static mockups, where everything is left for imagination — I use my own, highly dynamic and interactive wireframing engine to fully simulate your future application's behaviour.

Do you know that I designed Cubitoo's usability testing platform?

Cubitoo Tracker allows me to perform usability tests in many different ways (step-by-step, discovery mode, free run) to collect user's behaviour information and show it to you in a beautiful, fully interactive way.

This system is closed for private beta, but you may always ask for showcase.

About me

One-man interactive agency that makes great solutions for your business!

What makes Cubitoo great?

Cubitoo is a one-man interactive agency run by me, Paul Komarnicki. I specialize in software engineering, design and online marketing services (you could call it 'Internet affinity'). Using the newest technologies I make great solutions for my customers.

Having experience in all fields of web creation, I do my best to provide fresh and sophisticated solutions for your business. I love creative work and the freedom coming from my experience.

Let's grow your business together. Achieve more. I wait for your call.

My mission

I want to provide cutting-edge, modern and effective solutions for all my customers.

I want to educate and make the Internet a better place for you, your business and all great ideas.


I use cutting-edge technology to achieve great results:

Ruby on Rails
Javascript and Coffeescript
HTML5 and CSS3
Cloud computing
Mobile platforms

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